Luva Arm Pad for forearm protection

Guitar performance with comfort and protection
Fingers move more freely with less fatigue and greater playing ease

"The ideal solution for the edge of the guitar problem!"
- that is the enthusiastic opinion of guitarists around the world about the Matepis Luva Arm Pad!

The Luva Arm Pad is available in two basic models:

The Luva Hard - Arm Pad with rigid support and the Luva Soft - Arm Pad with soft support

Each model presents two versions:

The Luva Arm Pad with short sleeve and the Luva Arm Pad with long sleeve

What are the advantages of using it?

The Luva Arm Pad allows for the guitarist's right arm and hand to function more efficiently to become speedier and lighter.

The Luva Arm Pad allows more fluency in moving the fingers, resulting in less tension, a more relaxed right hand, less fatigue and greater playing ease.

How does it work? What is the difference between rigid support and soft support?

The Luva Hard - arm pad with rigid support - is provided with an inner piece called a pressure distributor, which is its essential part. The pressure distributor has the function of eliminating local pressure from the guitar edge against the forearm, distributing the pressure along almost all of the inner surface of the forearm.

The Luva Soft makes use of a rubber layer which allows for soft distribution of arm pressure against the guitar edge. In this case the localized pressure is not completely eliminated, but softened.

The Luva Soft is also ideal for those who wish to use an arm pad for more comfort in their performance as well as to facilitate arm sliding movements along the guitar edge.

For the guitarists who have a lot of arm pressure against the guitar edge, the Luva Hard is preferable.

Adaptation phase in using the Luva Arm Pad

The inner splint - the pressure distributor - of the Luva Hard has the exact rating of rigidity necessary for its function.

For the guitarist accustomed to playing without any protection, it may require a few days of use to adjust to it until one becomes adapted.

The insertion of a foam layer of higher density now makes the Luva Arm Pad more comfortable, giving it a better feeling.

For the guitarists who have had difficulty adjusting to the Luva Hard, we recommend using the Luva Soft which gives partial protection to the forearm and a natural feeling of arm contact with the guitar.

Why was the Luva Arm Pad created?

The Luva Arm Pad was created for the protection of the guitarist's forearm. When positioning the guitar (in the classical position), the guitarist normally applies pressure with his right forearm against the guitar's edge. Thus, the action by the fingers is inhibited: the muscles do not work freely, the blood stream becomes hindered and tension in the forearm is increased.

In previous trials by other researchers looking for a solution to the problem of the guitar edge, the focus was to create accessories to be placed on the edge itself, trying to make it less sharp. Thus, while the edge broadened, the muscles continued to be compressed, resulting in other problems for the guitarist such as: a) aesthetics, due to the alteration of the instrument's traditional appearance and b) stability, due to the means of attachment like suction cups that could come loose abruptly during a performance.

Medical Use of the Luva Arm Pad

The use of the Luva Arm Pad is highly recommended to:

  • Avoid muscle and finger nerve compression
  • Prevent tissue callous formation, maintaining muscular flexibility
  • Help in the prevention of injuries, like tendonitis and focal dystonia

The following photos show the arm with and without the protection of the Luva Arm Pad:

Without the Luva Arm Pad:

Localized pressure restricts free muscular action, provoking tension

With the rigid support Luva Arm Pad :

Pressure against the edge is distributed, thus allowing normal functioning of the muscles

With the soft support Luva Arm Pad:

Pressure is distributed partially, therefore allowing better functioning of the muscles

Characteristics and Features

Antiallergic product. Fabric: 92% cotton and 8% elastano.

The Luva Hard has a rigid internal splint (pressure distributor) made of polyethylene + a layer of textured foam.

The Luva Soft utilizes an inner synthetic rubber layer as a pressure distributor combined with textured foam in order to soften the contact between the arm and guitar edge.

The textured foam layer is stitched to the fabric in order to prevent it from changing its position.

The Luva Arm Pad can be easily handled and used unperceptively under the shirt sleeve, if one wishes (for example, during performances).

All models of the Luva Arm Pad are appropriate for right-handed, as well as for left-handed guitarists.

The standard color is black. Other options are beige and dark blue.

Table of Sizes

Circumference of the forearm
Length of the Luva
with short sleeve
Length of the Luva
with long sleeve
XS = extra small, extra narrow
8 - 21 cm (7 - 8 in)
14,5 cm (5.7 in)
26 cm (10.2 in)
S = small
21 - 24 cm (8.2 - 9.5 in)
14,5 cm (5.7 in)
26 cm (10.2 in)
S/M = small/medium
21 - 24 cm (8.2 - 9.5 in)
18 cm (7 in)
30 cm (11.8 in)
M - medium
24 - 26 cm (9.5 - 11 in)
18 cm (7 in)
30 cm (11.8 in)
ML - medium/large
26 - 28 cm (10.6 - 11.4 in)
18 cm
30 cm
L - large
28 - 31 cm (11.4 - 12.6 in)
18 cm (7 in)
30 cm (11.8 in)
XL - extra large
31 - 35 cm (12 - 14 in)
18 cm (7 in)
30 cm (11.8 in)
Note: In order to determine your appropriate size, please measure the circumference of your forearm and then compare it with the above table (the 'Size' and 'Circumference of the forearm' columns).

Measuring the circumference of the forearm:

In order to measure the circumference of the forearm, you can use a measuring tape or a paper strip (and then measure it with a ruler), measuring the forearm at its widest, near the elbow.

Luva length with regard to forearm length for sizes S and S/M:

a) Size S (Luva length = 14.5 cm or 5.7 in) for a forearm of about 20 cm (approx. 7.8 in)
b) Size S/M (Luva length = 18 cm or 7 in) for a forearm of about 24 cm (approx. 9.5 in)

The length of the forearm is to be taken from the inner surface, starting at the wrist to the beginning of the upper arm (the entire forearm).

Special Sizes of the Luva Arm Pad:

It is also possible to order a special size indicating the circumference and length of the forearm.

Care tips to keep the Luva Arm Pad in good shape:

a) Wash only by hand
b) Don't wash with bleach
c) Don't wash with hot water
d) Don't dry in the sun
e) Don't use an iron

Other indications for using the Luva Arm Pad:

In all situations where forearm protection against localized pressure is required.

Patented product. Exclusive manufacture by Matepis Produtos Musicais Ltda, Brazil