Edvaldo Cabral: Nuances


Nuances with Jaelson Farias

(Text extracted from the introduction to the edited work)

In composing Nuances, Edvaldo Cabral wanted to pay a tribute to the earlier times at the beginning of Bossa Nova. Remarkable, sentimental, deeply beautiful melodies, with a certain bohemian mood, of an improvising character, with rubato timing, a free rhythm in the accompaniments, jazzy harmonics: these are some of the characteristics that come to mind when we consider it.

Nuances was written in 1995, originally for the 7-string guitar. Although the composer already randomly used the common guitar in its performance, the final 6-string version only came up around 2001, with very little difference from the original.

As it is written in a very guitaristic and idiomatic way, like in the majority of Cabral's pieces, Nuances does not offer any major difficulties in its performance, having become a valuable and always very welcome contribution to the guitar repertoire.

Napoleão Costa Lima
Recife, December 2004

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